Della Mae in Their Own Words

Written by: Della Mae

It is a great honor to participate in San Francisco Pride 2018 as Bluegrass Pride’s official float band!  Della Mae has traveled to over 30 countries, sharing music, language, food, and culture with people on all corners of the earth.  Time and again we find the world becomes a better place when we build bridges, not walls. We firmly believe each one of us should be honored, not ostracized, for what makes us unique.  And so we stand in solidarity with our LGTBQ friends, fans, and family.

We are excited to be part of the biggest Pride celebration in the United States!  We congratulate Bluegrass Pride on their efforts to foster diversity and inclusion in our community.  The power of music has always been used to bring people together, so come sing and dance with us as we roll by! Don’t forget your sparkles, we’ll bring the love, and bluegrass to San Francisco!

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