My Gay Banjo: Making Noise and Looking Pretty

Written by: Kara Kundert

West Philadephia-based queer country duo My Gay Banjo has been making waves in the country music scene for three albums now. Featuring openly LGBT musicians Owen Taylor and Julia Steele Allen on guitar, banjo, uke and vocals, My Gay Banjo recently released their third album full of "homespun gay-themed duets and occasional queered-up mashups".

“People like to call us country music, and maybe we are,” the duo told The Huffington Post. “Maybe we are carving out a ‘My Gay Banjo’ sized niche in country music and maybe we are part of a small emerging scene of queer country musicians. People like to say there’s no room for queers in country, but I guess we’re just doing it!”

For more My Gay Banjo, check out their website here.

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