2020 Annual Report

Picture from the 2019 Bluegrass Pride float and marching contingent at SF Pride. Image reads "Bluegrass Pride 2020 Annual Report".

This has been the BEST!! I never knew how badly I needed queer bluegrass ‘til tonight.
— Colleen F.

Table of Contents

A Note from the Chair

It’s daunting to wake up every day in the music industry right now. It has been for almost a year. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated each and every inequality evident in our society today, leaving marginalized communities in the deep, dark shadows of economic uncertainties stretching out indefinitely. To be a music industry professional in 2020 and 2021 is to face myriad daily existential crises.

That’s why, as Bluegrass Pride looks ahead to a new year and new Board term, I feel more resolute in our mission than ever. LGBTQ+ folks are disproportionately impacted by poverty, food and housing insecurity, and by healthcare and wellness inequality — especially Black, Brown, Indigenous, and/or Asian queer folks and trans and non-binary folks. Bluegrass Pride is uniquely poised to lift up these underserved and underrepresented communities during the pandemic and beyond. I am so passionate about our goals for this year — and grateful for the enormous growth we’ve seen since COVID-19 shuttered our entire universe. 

I hope that as you examine our successes and opportunities for growth over the last calendar year and our outlined plans for intentionally moving into the future, that you — our Bluegrass Pride members, followers, and fans — understand that your support of Bluegrass Pride isn’t just a vital or integral part of what we do, it IS what we do. Your support — whether you give money, time, effort, or energy — has a direct impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ musicians and creators in roots music. And we are so proud to be on this mission-minded journey with all of you, 

— Justin Hiltner
Chair, Board of Directors

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A Note from the Executive Director

At this time last year, our plans for Bluegrass Pride were pretty similar to previous years: we were hoping to host more shows than in 2019 and make sure our artists were paid a little bit more. We were looking into trying to launch some new in-person programs in Portland and Nashville — maybe a beginner-friendly jam here, maybe a few hosted shows there. And, of course, we were talking about what our float in SF Pride was going to look like as we marched down Market Street for our triumphant fourth year in the parade.

Things turned out a little differently. In fact, things turned out better than I ever could have imagined.

In the crucible of 2020 and all the hell it put the world through, the one thing I am most proud of is how it helped this organization to hone its vision and activate to create a better, more equitable world for roots music. We saw the great challenges that faced our community: the devastation of the music industry, the isolation of our community, the disproportionate impact that it was having on the people already most excluded from both: LGBTQ+ folks; Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian people; women; people with disabilities; and more. And we organized to do something about it.

This report tells that story. It is a chance for us to share with you what we are most proud of, but it is also a place where you can hold us accountable. Our work is not perfect. We are learning as we go. We invite you to take a stake in this moment and help us live up to your expectations for us just as much as we strive to live up to our own.

Our work is not done. As you can see in this report, we have big dreams for our fifth year of operations. We hope that you are as excited about them as we are.

— Kara Kundert
Executive Director

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Programs and Events

Hiring Demographics

Despite the odds and in the face of a global pandemic, Bluegrass Pride was able to hire over 70 musicians for paid performance opportunities in 2020. Of these, 56% were LGBTQ+ identified and 13% were trans, gender non-conforming, or nonbinary. 45% of artists identified as womxn or femme, and 17% were Black, Brown, Indigenous, or Asian. 8% of artists were over the age of 50, and at least 1% live with a disability.


In this chart, purple (13%) indicates the hired musicians who identify as trans, gender-nonconforming, and/or nonbinary, red (44%) indicates all other LGBTQ+ hired musicians, and yellow (44%) indicates anyone who does not identify as LGBTQ+.


In this chart, blue (45%) indicates the hired musicians who identify as womxn or femme, purple (1%) indicates those that identify as gender-nonconforming and/or nonbinary, and yellow (54%) indicates those that identify as male or masc.


In this chart, green (17%) indicates the hired musicians who identify Black, Brown, Indigenous, and/or Asian, and yellow (83%) indicates those that identify as white.

In total, 76% of our acts were fronted by an LGBTQ+ identified individual, and 68% were fronted by artists identified as womxn, femme, gender-nonconforming, and/or nonbinary. 


In this chart, red (74%) indicates the acts fronted by musicians who identify as LGBTQ+, and yellow (26%) indicates the acts fronted by anyone who does not identify as LGBTQ+.

Womxn/Femme, Gender Nonconforming/Nonbinary


In this chart, blue (67%) indicates the acts fronted by musicians who identify as womxn, femme, gender nonconforming, and/or nonbinary, and yellow (33%) indicates the acts fronted by anyone identifies as male or masc.

All performers that we contracted with were offered a guaranteed minimum of $75 for their work, thanks in part to a grant from the Music Home Project we received at the start of 2020. Due to the profit sharing model we developed for Porch Pride, most artists were able to take home far more than that guaranteed minimum, with pays ranging from $222-825 for a digital performance of any kind (showcases included).

It is thanks to our community that we are able to provide this kind of financial support to musicians. Your donations not only gave direct payments to talented and diverse artists during one of the greatest crises that humanity has faced in generations, they also enabled Bluegrass Pride to continue hosting more and more paid events like these. Your support is invaluable to us — we literally could not do what we do without it!

Thank you so much for this event! … It means more to me than I can say. Consider the next generation of queer bluegrass artists inspired.
— Anonymous

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Porch Pride 

In the wake of a global pandemic, we found ourselves in the same position as many of the talented musicians with whom we work: facing the cancellation of an entire season of events. These included our San Francisco Pride float and marching armada, the annual Bluegrass Pride Celebration Concert (in San Francisco), our annual Portland Bluegrass Pride celebration, and the inaugural Nashville Bluegrass Pride celebration. In normal, non-global pandemic times, these celebrations help us to grow our connections and create a deeper community with supporters like you, who live our mission every day. In order to save those connections and inspire new ones, we decided to bring the spirit of Bluegrass Pride right to your front porch.

Porch Pride: A Bluegrass Pride Queer-antine Festival was a digital festival featuring more than 11 hours of live music over the course of Pride weekend, June 27-28, 2020. Our purpose was to highlight and showcase LGBTQ+ roots musicians, while also generating financial support for them as they navigate the new non-existent performance landscape, all while providing a gathering space for our community during these isolating times.

Our original goal was to pay each of our artists at least $200 for their performances in our festival. In the end, with your help, we were able to raise over $22,000 for our artists and our community — allowing us to pay our Porch Pride artists $825 each for their performances!

This success inspired us — we knew that our community was excited and energized to find ways to support talented and diverse musicians all year round, not just during parades. So in the days and weeks following Porch Pride, we reinvested our gains and started seeking out new ways to continue providing meaningful financial support to our community throughout the pandemic.

It is thanks to you and your support that we are now able to offer year-round work opportunities for LGBTQ+ musicians and allies in bluegrass, old-time, and American traditional music. With your help, we hope to do even more in 2021 and beyond!

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Live with Bluegrass Pride — Monthly Showcase Series

In the fall, after the smashing success of June’s Porch Pride and our week of LGBTQ+ showcases during IBMA’s Virtual World of Bluegrass, we launched Live with Bluegrass Pride, a monthly livestream featuring music and conversation with our Bluegrass Pride family of artists. The pandemic had distilled the importance of our mission over the course of the year and by summer’s end, with COVID caseloads spiking, we decided we wanted to create work opportunities for musicians on a much more frequent basis. Live with Bluegrass Pride stepped into the gap created when we could no longer hold our beginner jams, parades, and concerts in person, giving us a place to fellowship and come together even while apart.

In the 2020 fiscal year, we hosted three of these live showcases and conversations, featuring Carolyn Kendrick, Nokosee Fields, and Lily Henley respectively. In 2021 we will continue to grow this program with both more showcases of more artists and a new variation: the beginner-friendly jam along! We have been missing our iconic beginner-friendly jams in 2020 and wanted to find new ways to connect with our picker community. We are hoping to bring you 3-4 of these interactive beginner-friendly jamming livestream sessions throughout 2021, each of which will have a theme. Up first was our Valentine’s Day love song sing-along, led by Rachel Eddy and Em Hammond!

We are so excited to continue these shows monthly in 2021, including during Porch Pride and Fireside Pride. Are you interested in appearing Live with Bluegrass Pride? Contact us at hello@bluegrasspride.net.

You can watch all of our prior Live with Bluegrass Pride performances on our YouTube Channel!



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Fireside Pride

As we headed into the cold, gray, lonely pandemic winter months of 2020, we continued our commitment to creating paid work opportunities for diverse musicians and hosted Fireside Pride, a winter- and holiday-themed celebration of Bluegrass Pride! Hosted by country drag queen Marlene Twitty-Fargo and featuring performances by Ani DiFranco & Zoe Boekbinder, Leyla McCalla, Mary Gauthier, AJ Lee & Blue Summit, Stephanie Anne Johnson, and a non-religious holiday sing-along led by Nate Lee, Fireside Pride brought all of our favorite parts of the Bluegrass Pride community together for over three and a half hours of music, community, and joy on December 5, 2020. All in all, this event raised almost $6,000 in support of the musicians on our lineup and the continued work of Bluegrass Pride in 2021 and beyond.

We hope to continue Fireside Pride in the future, keeping our audience, artists, and members engaged year round. You can watch Fireside Pride 2020 here.

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Chapter Activities

With the global pandemic raging, much of our chapter-specific and regional events and programs were unfortunately curtailed in 2020. We had been hoping to launch Pride celebrations in Nashville, along with new programming in Portland — all of which was scrapped in accordance with public health guidance.

However, it wasn’t a completely lost year! Here’s a short accounting of what our chapters accomplished in 2020.

In San Francisco we kicked off our 2020 season on February 19 with a show at Amado’s in the Mission! There we hosted a couple of our favorite acts, Fog Holler and Laurie Lewis & Friends. We also talked to the crowd about some of our big plans for 2020, including several upcoming shows to take place in the Bay Area, all of which were ultimately cancelled due to the pandemic.

In the fall, with IBMA's switch to make its annual business conference entirely virtual, we brought our usual Raleigh-based IBMA and NC Pride @ Night programs online in three forms:

  • Making the Switch to Digital: How to Run Successful Digital Events — During the IBMA World of Bluegrass business conference, some of our leaders presented a panel discussion reviewing the ways that we and the organizations we work with have pivoted into a virtual world. From Porch Pride to Whiskey Sour Happy Hour and beyond, our leaders spoke about what works and what doesn’t, the organizational models that they used to create successful virtual events, and what elements were most important to get right in digital event planning. Attended live by over 100 conference attendees, this panel helped to highlight to the broader bluegrass community and industry that Bluegrass Pride is a leader in the field.
  • Y’all Stay: The 3rd Annual Bluegrass Pride LGBTQ+ Musicians Showcase — For the third year in a row, Bluegrass Pride hosted a showcase during the week of IBMA highlighting the excellence of LGBTQ+ roots musicians. While this is normally hosted in a ballroom at the Marriott in downtown Raleigh, this year turned out a little differently. The whole showcase was broadcast set-by-set during “happy hour” during each day of the conference. Most special was our ability to highlight international acts in particular, with three of five acts coming from outside of the US. With in-person events like the IBMA World of Bluegrass in Raleigh, the costs of visas and flights can often be prohibitively expensive for international bands and musicians to attend. But with the whole event being broadcast online, we were able to work with a suite of musicians who normally wouldn’t get a chance to showcase their work at IBMA, including Ryan Marr (UK), Great Aunt (AU), Luisa Lopez (US), Mercy Bell (US), and Happy Heartaches (NO).
  • Brunch with Bluegrass Pride — Ever since 2017, we’ve been hosting informational brunch sessions at IBMA to help get folks connected to the movement and inspired to bring the spirit of Bluegrass Pride home with them however they can. And this year was no different! On Saturday, October 3, we hosted a Zoom brunch session answering questions from our community and listening to what kinds of programs and initiatives you’d like to see Bluegrass Pride pursue. We left inspired and excited — so much so that we’re planning to make these “member meetings” part of our regular schedule throughout the year in 2021!

Do you have dreams of Bluegrass Pride activities and festivities in your town? Reach out to us at hello@bluegrasspride.net so we can help you get things rolling in your area!

Composite image of all the Y'all Stay! 2020 LGBTQ+ Musician Showcase artists.

Thanks so much for this celebration of the diverse and amazing musicians in bluegrass! It's incredible to feel at home in the music that I love.
— Anonymous

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Plans and Goals for 2021

On January 29 and 30, 2021 the Bluegrass Pride Board of Directors met to begin our new Board term, electing three new members: 

  • Abby Lee Hood (they/them), Tennessee-based non-binary journalist, freelancer, music writer, and musician.
  • Noa Laniakea (she/her, they/them), California-based trans femme musician, composer, and bassist. 
  • Scott Justus (he/him), Oregon-based non-profit professional, musician, and community builder.

The Board elected the following members to the Executive Committee for the 2021 term: 

  • Chair of the Board: Justin Hiltner (he/him, they/them)
  • Vice Chair: McKenzie Fulkerson-Jones (they/them)
  • Treasurer: Matt Lauer (he/him)
  • Secretary: Scott Justus (he/him)

Additionally, in recognition of our growth as an organization and all that we do all year round, the Board voted unanimously to hire our Executive Director, Kara Kundert, as Bluegrass Pride’s first employee. As of now, her position is part-time with all hours approved by the Board. 

We view our position as an employer as a key part of our mission to uplift marginalized peoples within the world of traditional American music. We are looking forward to continuing to grow and eventually bring the Executive Director on as a full-time salaried position — along with more future employees to help Bluegrass Pride to grow and to thrive and move our mission forward through music industry career training for LGBTQ+ folks as well.

The Board and leadership identified the following top-of-line goals for Bluegrass Pride in 2021: 

  • Anti-racism. Bluegrass Pride believes that Black liberation is queer liberation and in 2021 we want all of our programs, outreach, and activities to overtly and explicitly express this belief.
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ musicians, artists, and creators. Bluegrass Pride believes that the most direct form of action we can take, especially during a pandemic that has an outsized economic impact on LGBTQ+ folks, is to create work opportunities for our community and pay our artists a fair wage. We also aim to support our community with resources such as the Rainbow Book, The Root, and Live with Bluegrass Pride.
  • Growing and engaging our community year-round with our new Bluegrass Pride Membership program. Bluegrass Pride believes a key to our success in the short and long terms is a robust base of member-donors giving on a monthly basis. This community will not only help us to raise the funds necessary to create the resources and work opportunities that our artists need to thrive in the roots music industry, it will also help us to forge tighter connections with each of you. We want Bluegrass Pride to be more than a nonprofit — we want it to be a gathering space,  a family, and a home for every single person who interacts with it. By creating new opportunities for volunteering and engagement with our community members year round, we hope to actualize that goal more and more in 2021.

During our half-day Annual Planning Meeting, the Board laid out several events, activities, and program proposals to achieve these goals:

  • Porch Pride 2021. A month-long virtual celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride! Enjoy concerts, interactive content, conversations, and interviews over the course of June 2021. Our Porch Pride virtual festival will return, as well as a Juneteenth celebration, and other surprises in store. More information will be available soon!
  • Mini-Grants & Financial Awards. Beginning this spring, Bluegrass Pride will begin awarding mini-grants to artists and creators with financial need, in order to defray costs and/or subsidize expenses such as conference passes, hotel nights, video, recording, and production fees, and so on. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement of our first major financial award later this year, as well.
  • Artist & Professional Resources. 
    • In 2021, Bluegrass Pride will unveil the Rainbow Book, a directory of roots music venues committed to keeping their spaces as safe as possible for LGBTQ+ performers.
    • To accompany the Rainbow Book, we’ll also be curating a Haven Stay Network of nearby home stays for touring bands and acts burdened by lodging costs while on the road. 
    • Later this year we’ll launch The Root, growing our informational video series into a full-blown education program, including a teaching directory, referral program, and lesson subsidies for LGBTQ+ and otherwise marginalized teachers and students.
  • Getting you involved. With the debut of our Membership Program, Bluegrass Pride is striving to better engage our audience, members, and fans. We want you to know we see you as part of our community, active participants in all of our activities, events, and especially in our success. 
    • Once a quarter, we’ll invite the Bluegrass Pride community to join us for Information & Member Sessions. These sessions will be hosted by Bluegrass Pride leaders and volunteers and will feature a broad range of topics, including educational reading, programming sneak peeks, and more!

Volunteer roles and job postings are published on our website now! If you’ve been looking for a way to be more involved with Bluegrass Pride, volunteering is it. Stay posted as new roles will be added on an ongoing basis. If you don’t see a role for you, that doesn’t mean we don’t need the help! Shoot us an email at volunteer@bluegrasspride.net



Amazing, talented people sharing mind opening experiences and perspective. Feeling inspired and hopeful, thank you!
— Kathleen B.

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Financial Summary

A chart showing the comparative financial standing of Bluegrass Pride from 2019 to 2020. Bluegrass Pride has a financial position of $9,976 on December 31, 2019 and a gross revenue of $17,679 in 2019. By comparison, Bluegrass Pride had a financial position of $27,228 on December 31, 2020 and a gross annual revenue of $58,220.

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Financial Position as of December 31, 2020:

Total assets: $27,228, an increase of $17,252 or 173% from December 31, 2019.

Total liabilities: Bluegrass Pride had no outstanding liabilities as of December 31, 2020.

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Statement of Financial Activity: January 1 – December 31, 2020

Income Expenses
Donations: $45,516 Artist Pay: $28,959
Grants: $5,500 Program Expenses: $2,192
Sponsorships: $5,910 Staff Salary: $0
Merchandise: $3,294 Fundraising Expenses: $3,800
General Administration: $1,386
Merchandise Expenses: $4,631
Total Income: $58,220 Total Expenses: $40,968
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Our Leadership

Our 2020 Board of Directors was: Justin Hiltner (Chair), Ted Kuster (Vice Chair), McKenzie Fulkerson-Jones (Secretary), Matt Lauer (Treasurer), Jake Blount, Brandon Godman, Patrick Seafield, Lillian Werbin, and Maddie Witler. Kara Kundert served as the Executive Director.

In late 2020, Ted Kuster and Brandon Godman — two co-founders of Bluegrass Pride — retired from the Board and were elected to become Bluegrass Pride’s first Emeritus board members, in recognition of their service and dedication to Bluegrass Pride and its founding.

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In 2020, the Board hosted the following standing committees:

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Volunteer Committee
  • Rainbow Book Committee

Bluegrass Pride also created the term-limited Style Guide Committee to help set best practices for communications and language for our organization. 

In 2020, we were so excited to have non-board member volunteers join our committees for the first time. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the above committees, please contact us at hello@bluegrasspride.net so we can get you plugged in!

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Donors & Supporters


Allison de Groot & Patrick M'Gonigle
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Abbe Tiger


Tj Carskadon
Justin Hiltner
Tara & Mark Huisman
Ted Kuster
Steven Stuber
Jon D Weisberger


Eli Gilbert
Scott Justus
Elizabeth Proch
John Roscigno
Maciek Sakrejda
Patrick Seafield
Lee Stivers


Marion Adeney
Amanda Armstrong
Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose
Steven Barkan
Anni Beach
Benjamin Beneski
Melissa Brokalakis
Cynthia Elliott
Tyler Frank
Nick George
George Gibbs
Sharon Gilchrist
JT Gray
Laurie Greenberg
Cynthia Gulick
Patrick Gunning
Jane Hamel
Tonya Hopkins
Steve Hutchinson
Lucy Kahn
Ken Kundert
Matt Lauer
Mark & Christine Martinez
Stan Oberg
Natalie Simmons
Lisa Sorensen
Ashley Stanton
Peter Thompson
Yoseff Tucker
Ansley Yeomans
Jeff Zitsman

Less than $150:

Dody Adkins-Perry
Chris Aggs
Jesse Allen
Wesley Allen
Kristen Allen-Vogel
Claire Alleway
Jason Allgire
Jessica Almroth
Michael Alper
Cathleen Andersen
Caitlin Anderson
Peter Anderson
Amy Anderson
Jeannine Anderson
Gary Anwyl
Jesse Appelman
Toby Arianna
Clare Armenante
Michael Armstrong
Britt Arnesen
Armand Aromin
Jim Austin
Sarah Ashley Bailey
Joseph Baker
Belle Ball
Gary Baltzell
Michael Barille
Bill Barnert
Adriana Barrios
Melinda Basker
James Bassler
Betsy Baze
Jeff Bednar
Sarah Behan
Ben Benedict
Hans Berg
Zachary Berger
Michael Berliner
Amy Besnoy
Angela Bewick
Renee Beyor
Aaron Bibelhauser
Alan Bibey
Susan Bickford
Jim Bidigare
Kerry Bird
Julia Blount
Rebecca Bobadila
Donna Bodine
Philip Boerner
John Bolten
Lea Booth
Molly Bosted
Doug Bovee
Peg Bowers
Peter Bowers
Carolyn Bowling
Mo Brachfeld
Cheryl Branco
Darby Brandli
Benjamin Bregman
Kathleen Brink
Sophia Brinton
Ruth Brittin
Rebekah Brooks
Paul Brown
Babs Brown
Flannery Brown
Betty Bugaj
Bach Bui
John Bunch
Susan Burns
Susan Burns
Linda & Bruce Burton
Ed Butler
Caroline Byrd
Cori C
John Calcagno
Tim Callahan
Nicole Camacho Hopper
Patrick Campbell
Casey Campbell
David Cann
Janet Carleton
Willi Carlisle
Ellen Carlson
Rebekah Carmichael
Lila Carpenter
Tara Carruth
Mindy Carson
Rob Carter
Corey Caulkins
Pia Chamberlain
Stacy Chandler
Sam Chester
Mahati Chintapalli
Richard Chipman
Thomas Clapham
Kathleen Clark
Karen Clark
Jim Coats
Larry Cohea
Donald Cohen
Maggie Cohn
Sarah Cole McCarthy
Dwayne Conn
Danny Consenstein
Fiona Conway
Kim Cook
Kirby Cool
Andrea Cossettini
Sonya Cotton
Kirsten Cowal
Joseph Cox
Katie Cox
Martin Craig
Abigail Cramer
Mary Cranley
Emily Cross
Laura Crossey
Isaac Crow
Jill Csekitz
Brian Cummings
Travis Curley
Ian Curry
Sarah Curry
Raina D'Orazio
Kenny Dalsheimer
Michael Daves
Judy Davidson
Fritzie Davis
Barbara Davis
Kathleen Davis
Fred de Groot
Carol Dean
Francis Deane
Paul Deblois
Joseph Decosimo
Kasey Decosimo
Susan Defabbia
Zachary Defranco
Dale Dei Rossi
Frederick Dekalb
Benet Devereux
Lori DiBacco
Matt Dinerstein
John Dirga
Chip Donahue
Gigi Dornfest
Pam Dorr
Connie Douglas
Tom Downing
Stephanie Dressen
Patrick Dressen
Donna Dunaif
Erna Melanie Dupuis
Keith Durbin
Mark Eagleton
Samantha Earp
Libby Eddy
Tiffany Eisenhauer
Sasha Ellington
Rebecca Ellis
Sophie Enloe
Kelly Epstein
Justin Farrar
Robert Fedyna
Eric Feigenson
Christine Ferreira
Kirk Fetters
Jena Fiamingo
Jamie Fiano
Stephanie Fields
Thomas Fields
Cathy Fink
Winnie Fink
Nick Fiore
Robin Fischer

Less than $150:

Megan Fisher
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Alice Fleischman
Jenna Fontaine
Danny Ford
Brian Forist
William Foss
Darcelle Foster
Stacie Freasier
Ami Freeberg
Cameron Freer
Courtney Freundlich
Erin & Jason Frigerio
Sandy Fulkerson Schaeffer
McKenzie Fulkerson-Jones
Tori Fulkerson-Jones
Christine Funk
Steven Funk
Gina Furtado
Margaret Gacki
Pamela Gagan
Benedict Gagliardi
Bob Galvin
Megan Gandy
Donate Gardner
Suzanne Gareiss
Charles Garratt
Lynn Garren
Keith Garrett
Daniel Gasperut
Ahleah Gavin
Alex Genova
Heather Gerard Barnes
Maxine Gerber
Philip Gerrard
Get Up In the Cool
David Geyer
Helen Gibbons
William Gibson
Emma Gibson
Myles Gideon
A.J. Glaub
Anthony Gold
Brian Gold
Ruth Goldberg
Shana Goldin-Perschbacher
Stephen Goldstein
Carly Gonzalez
Anne Good
Dave Gooding
Jessica Gore
Elisa Gores
Philip Graham
April Grant
Great Aunt
Rachel Greenberg
David Gregg
Betsy Gressler
Deborah Greymoon
Dennis Griffin
Mark Grimes
Raul Guardado
Amy Guiang
Adrienne Gulyassy
Todd Gunsher
Peter Høi
Michelle Haft
Lyra Hall
David Hallett
Frets Halligan
Carrie Hamilton
Aoife Hammond
Natalie Hampton
Patty and Dave Hamre
Beth Handler
Linda Hansell
Carl Hansson
Bethany Harding
John Hare
Lorna Harrison
Caylynn Harrison
Anna Harrod
Sarah Hawker
Emily Hayes
Josephine Healy
Hearth Music
Diego Salvatoré Heath
Am Hecht
Erin Heist
Corey Henry
Casey Henry
Leeann Heringer
David Hermolin
Molly Hickman
Mike Higgins
Natalie Higgins
The High Water Line
Hank & Cindy Hill
Shannon Hiller
Rob Hintz
Ed Hodder
Colleen & Mark Hogan
Hildy Hogate
Peter Hogness
Benjamin Holbrook
John Holden
Joey Honeycutt
Michael Honig
Jane Howard
Christopher Howard-Williams
Taegan Howells
Sarah Hubbard
Eddie Huffman
Tyler Hughes
Jonathan Hunsberger
Cam Hunt
Nathaniel Hunt
Laurie Hutton
Deana Ielapi
Mary Sue Ireland
Stacey Irvin
Lindsay Ives
George Jackson
Chris Jackson
Adele James
Denise Janetos
Randy January
Sara Beth Janzen
Donald Jardine
Erin Johansen
Colin Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Colleen Johnson
Elin Jones
Rebecca Jordan-Young
Kevin Jude
Ann Juell
Susan Jurist
Dan Kahn
Kristina Kaiser
Kathy Kallick
Robin Karlin
Anne Karlstrom
Cheryl Kasson
Kara Kasteen
Paul Kaufman
Ron Kean
James Kee
Tom Keeney
Lawrence Keitz
Jeff Kellem
Amy & Jay Keller
Abe Kenmore
Wilma Kennedy
Beth Kenny
John Keohane
Todd Ketcham
Amythyst Kiah
Sara Kien
Larry Kilbourne
Mark Kilianski
Pk Kinser
Adam Kirr
David Klatte
Jessie Kneeland
Valerie Knepper
Robert Kolkebeck
Brad Kolodner
Vasily Kondrashov
Paul Kowert
Rebecca Krafft
Ben Krakauer
Sandra Kriezel
Alissa Kuehl
Gregory Kulhanjian
Kara Kundert
Kirshna Labayna
Evie Ladin
Michael Landis
Kate Langlois
Noa Laniakea
Jeff Larsen

Less than $150:

Jen Larson
MA Larson
Ellen Lawson
John Leary
Casey Lee
Katy Leonard
Esther Leonelli
Paige Lettington
Emily Levandoski
Jamila Levasseur
Claire Levine
Josh Levine
Zoe Levitt
Anna Levitt
Dale Lewis
Carol Lewis
Dillon Lewis
Emma Liddell
Erin Liljegren
Veronica Limeberry
Jonathan Lin
Jane Lindfors
Brian Lindsay
Mary Caton Lingold
Bill Liu
Mike & Heather Livingston
Alexis Locke
Rain Loftfield
Luisa Lopez
Joel Loughman
Tara Low
Randy Lowther
Pete Lude
Sirena Lueker-Boden
Cello Lukey
David Lunden
K Luquette
Chris Luquette
Reece Lyerly
Megan Lynch Chowning
Rose Anna Macdonald
Edward Maday
Rune Madsen
Rachel Maki
Richard Mandel
Kate Mangotich
Peggy Mansperger
Robb Mapou
Heidi Marben
Bethany Marker
Kevin Martin
Joe Martin
Tracey Martinez
Shelagh Mathers
Ted Matts
Sian May
David May
Alex Mayers
Martin McBriarty
Rowan McCallister
Charles McCann
Maia McCormick
Pilar McCracken
Ralph McGinnis
Karen McGrath
Emily McKay
Leslie McLain
Nancy McMillan
Maureen McQuillan
Robert McWilliams
John Meilner
Kristin Melling
Anthony Melonakis
Lorre Mendelson
Jackie Merritt
Jeanne Meserve
Ken Meyer
Maryann Michel
Barb Michener
Tracey Miles
Dana Miller
John Miller
Chris Miller
Brian Miller
Cheryl Miller
Daniel Mills
M.C. Mills
Joshua Mittendorf
Fred Mollenkopf
Bruce & Audrey Molsky
Daniel Moore
Leigh Moorhouse
Kevin Moreno
Lee Morrow
Rebecca Moskowitz
Schuyler Moulton
Kimberly Mucciaccio
Wing Mui
Caroline Muir
Timothy Murray
Maria Nadauld
David Naiditch
Eden Nameri
Ed Nary
Connie Nassios
Melissa Naulin
Isaiah Nelson
Sherry Nevins
Cheryl Nickerson
Scott Nissenson
Justin Nordell
Jukka Nousiainen
Jeanne Novak
Mel Novner
Shauna O’Donnell
Rosanne O’Hara
Adrienne O’Mara
Avery Oden
Michael Okrepkie
Eric Olson
Murphy Page
Don Parker
Diane Paxton
Jim Pearson
Chris Peloquin
Ralph Penunuri
Laura Perdikomatis
Sharon Perl
Amos Perrine
John Peterson
Kaylee Peterson
Gary Petherick
Amy Petrongelli
Rosemary Philips
Benjamin Phillippi
Grey Pierce
Annie Pinkerton
Sarah Pirkle
Jenna Piscione
Dean Plummer
Jared Polens
John Polly
Denton Pomahatch
David Poolman
Elizabeth Porter
Vickie Posey
Ken Poulton
Brian Pozo
Julia Price
Karen Przywara
Allison Pullin
Tom Purtill
Mariaelena Quale
Welana Queton
Krista Quinby
Jon Quinn
Elizabeth Raible
Stephanie Ramer
Heather Ramsden
Jen Rapanos
William Rawson
Curtis Raye
Brian Redmond
Bridget Rees
Kabian Rendel
Sheila Reynolds-Boothroyd
Joseph Rich
Mark Richardson
Amelia Richardson
Clara Riedlinger
Yolande Riendeau
Eric Riley
Flavio Risech
Jordan Roberts
Hilary Robinson
Letitia Roddy
Julie Rogers
Miguel Rojas

Less than $150:

Heather Rose
Bill Rudd
Ed Rudolph
Michael Rufo
Christian Rutledge
Charles Ryan
Barbara Ryersen
Laurie Sallee
Joe Sander
Robert Saraceno
Mamie Sauber
Liam Sawyer
Emily Schaad
Mark Schack
Ken Schatz
Cale Scheinbaum
Jared Scherer
Michael Schiffer
Paul Schiminger
Lacey Schmidt
Deborah Schneider
Sue Schnitzer
Robert Schwartz
Nate Schwartz
Adam Schweigert
Tristan Scroggins
Matt Scutchfield
Pearl Seafield
Amy Seaton
Stephen Sellars
Alan Senauke
James Seppi
Barbara Shagawat
Deirdre Shannon
Maggie Shar
Ken Sheck
Kathleen Sheedy
Jeri Shepherd
Rachel Sherinian
Joseph Shipp
Erin Shrader
Meb Shue
Barbara Siegel
Leslie Sigler
Mike Silbernagel
Chas Siler
Donna Silver
Maria Sineriz
Brian Sisco
Julie Slater
Piper Sledge
Emma Sloan
Tes Slominski
Bruce Smith
Sherry Smith
Sarah Smith
Corinna Smith
Scott Smith
Glenn Sommerfield
Jack Spain
Kate Spanos
Cynthia Spear-Duncan
Merry Speedie
Bill Spindler
Woogie Stabile
Kris Stableford
Ann Stadler
Paul Stanley
Alex Stanley
Tyler Stegall
Carrie Stellpflug
Meredith Stewart
David Stewart
Kira Stillwell
Mark Stoffel
Philip Stone
Barbara Straub
Kristin Stringfield
Madison Stuart
James Stuart
Derek Stutz
Cherry Sullivan
Christian Suloway
Alissa Sumerano
Cindy Sumerano
Jeremy Swartz
Susan Sweetgall
David Sykes
Emilie T
Sarah Taft
Mark Tanaka
Daniel Taroli
Ian Taylor
Rachel Tayse
Michael Tedesco
Severin Theinert
Ben Thomas
Kathleen Thomas
Sioux Thompson
Valerie Thompson
Agneta Thorén
Persis Thorndike
Holly Thuman
Brandon Ticer
Erin Tilly
Fhinn Timmons
Cody Tinnin
Bryndis Tobin
Ellen Torop
Kathleen Tracy
A'yen Tran
Jerry Treacy
Mike Tripicco
Shana Tritsch
Trisha Tubbs
Kurtis Tucker
Jeff Tucker
Mark Tulbert
Eli Turner
Jessica Turner
Alan Twhigg
Crying Uncle
Daniel Unger
Amy Usher
Mardy Valentine
Michele Valeri
Greta Van Doren
J Van Esbroeck
Katherine Van Hook
Daniel Vance
Sandra Vannoy
Peter Varshavsky
Victoria Vaughn
JP Viernes
Evelyn Vigil
Jon Vincent
John Vogel
Honey Vohden
Maria Vosberg
Chris Waigl
Gigi Walker
Brian Walker
Melody Walker
Joe Wall
Andrew Wallace
Maria Wallace
Mary Wallace
Grace-Anne Wallace
Jef Walter
Shane Walton
Tara Ward
Mark Wardenburg
Lani Way
Natalya Weinstein
John Welborn
Lillian Werbin
Stan Werbin
Daniel White
Joseph White
Madeleine White
Don Whitebread
Molly Whiteley
Erin Whiteside
Rachel Whitney
Cody Whitted
Christine Wilhoyte
Nikki Williams
Shannon Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
Kathy Windham
Ethan Winston
Esther Witler
Jim Wolf
Shannon Wood
Maria Worthen
Stephen Wright
Jane Yerow
Judith Yokel
Melissa Yorks
Bruce Ziff
Tony & Barbara Ziselberger

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