Lillian Werbin: Chair of the Board

Picture of Board Member Lillian Werbin rocking an award-winning beard. Photo credit: Chamberlin Photography.

Lillian Werbin is an avid audience participator, banjo and uke player, and overall musician lover from Lansing, Michigan. Werbin is the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director at Elderly Instruments. Lillian will head the Safe Venue Directory Project, a Bluegrass Pride network of music venues that both audience members and musicians can refer to as they travel around the country. Lillian is the Site Coordinator for Midwest Banjo Camp and helps to organize events such as the Banjo Gathering (formally the Banjo Collectors Gathering), Fort Worth African American Roots Music Festival, and Midwest Ukulele Camp. Werbin is also an interim board member of Decolonizing the Music Room and sits on the Old Town Commercial Association (local) board. Lillian is passionate about building communities by using communication and music to bridge social gaps.