McKenzie Fulkerson-Jones: Board Member

McKenzie is somewhat new to the bluegrass world, but they have dived in headfirst. McKenzie, who grew up in Eugene, OR, has been a lifelong singer in bands and choirs and has always enjoyed acoustic story-driven music, like country. But they never felt comfortable with the country music culture. In 2017, they were new to living in San Francisco and found out about Bluegrass Pride through its Pride Week Kick-Off Party at a bar called Amnesia, located just down the street from McKenzie’s apartment. Shocked and intrigued, they attended the event, and their queer identity and true music passion collided. They felt they’d found their people, and they never looked back! Since then, McKenzie has begun playing the mandolin, regularly attends bluegrass shows and jams, and hopes to someday play in a bluegrass band! They are currently the lead singer and rhythm electric mandolin player in a Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band called Proud Mary: A Creedence Queerwater Revival. Beyond music, McKenzie is passionate about the environment. They love mountain biking, hiking, and nature photography. McKenzie also previously ran a queer events business. They hold a BA in Government and Environmental Studies from the University of Redlands and an MBA in Finance from George Washington University. They joined the Bluegrass Pride Board of Directors in 2020. “Bluegrass Pride is what made me feel like it is okay to have the music taste that I have - as a member of the Board, I want to open up this world of musical possibility to other queer people.”