PREMIERE: The Faux Paws — Road from Winchester

Promo image of the band The Faux Paws, holding their instruments and standing by a river with trees in the background.

Written by: Kara Kundert

Coming from a traditional bluegrass or old-time background, you may find yourself surprised or even taken aback by the presence of a tenor saxophone in a string band lineup. But for The Faux Paws, it was a completely natural fit.

The Faux Paws have been playing together for nearly ten years, ever since brothers Andrew and Noah VonNorstrand packed up a 1989 Volvo station wagon to go on a 5-week road trip across the American southeast with their new friend Chris Miller. Throughout the trip, they jammed on the beach, busked under a bridge, hung out at a festival on the Suwannee River, meticulously counted Cracker Barrel billboards and played some very, very strange little shows. They've been playing and touring together ever since, and are now in the process of releasing their first full-length album. Jam-packed with original tunes and songs, the album is a compelling blend of traditional music virtuosity and driving dancehall rhythms alongside progressive instrumentation and improvisation.

You can hear the synergy of these talented musicians' skills in bittersweet waltz, "Road from Winchester", written by fiddle player Noah VanNorstrand. Inspired by a friend's move away from her childhood home of Winchester, Virginia, this waltz evokes all the feelings of leaving home: sadness, hope, and even closure. AKA: all of the themes and emotions that make us love traditional American music so much.

If you're finding yourself craving more sax-string band music like "Road from Winchester", there's no better way to make it happen than by supporting their crowdfunding campaign! You can donate to support the release of their upcoming album on their website through March 15th. More info, including donation perks and tiers, can be found here.

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