BGP 2020 Favorites

2020 may have delivered more than its fair share of underhanded punches, but the bluegrass community was able to shine through it all. In spite of a difficult year artists kept the music playing.

We wanted to highlight some of the best bluegrass releases this year, so we’ve put together a Spotify playlist; here you’ll find releases from artists who performed at Porch Pride earlier this year, friends who debuted their releases on our blog, and other bluegrassers who’ve put out new music this year. Streaming their music is a great, free way to support hard-working artists who managed to stay creative in the middle of a pandemic!

If, however, you’re able to support queer bluegrass in a financial way, we’d like to remind you that end-of-year giving is incredibly important to Bluegrass Pride. In 2020, we brought you the first ever Porch Pride festival, which raised more than $22,000 for roots musicians like the ones featured on this playlist. We have so much more planned for 2021, but we need your help. 

You can donate to Bluegrass Pride online, and enjoy the playlist for all your pickin’ and grinnin’ needs!

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