Welcome to Bluegrass Pride 2019

Written by: Kara Kundert

It's been a big year for Bluegrass Pride. We started three years ago as the little project that could -- a CBA adventure that went from a controversial board meeting to Best Contingent Award winners in less than six months. Since then, we've celebrated Pride in three new cities, made a music video, started a jam series, and more. 

Bluegrass Pride continues to grow because of people like you, who love and support it. Your passion is what keeps us going, and what keeps us coming back year after year with bigger and bolder ideas. 

This year, we had the idea to strike off on our own and become a standalone organization. It's not because we don't love the CBA; it's because we love Nashville and Raleigh and Portland and Vancouver and everywhere else! Being our own organization has been exciting, scary, rewarding, and exhilarating all at once and all the time. This freedom has opened us up to all kinds of new opportunities for growth and change. But at the same time, we don't have the safety net of an established nonprofit and their decades of experience to fall back on. We are the agents of our own destiny. In the words of Harry Truman: the buck stops here.

So we need you now more than ever. If you love Bluegrass Pride and what we stand for, we need you by our side. Come to our events! Buy a shirt! Ask your local radio DJ to spin our single on their show! Listen to our 2019 season playlist! March in the parade!

Even better, please toss us a couple of bucks if you can. We're 100% supported by our community, so everything we do comes from your financial generosity. Our big ticket event of the year, the SF Pride Parade, is right around the corner. We need to rent the trailer that will carry the live band, print the banners, hire the sound techs, and get snacks and water for use on the parade route. It adds up. If you can find some extra cash to kick in, it’ll be enormously appreciated. Just click here and give what you can. Small donations are fine! Every dollar helps. 

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